Dose of Knowledge

A Pharmacists Teach Program

About the Program

CVS Health and Discovery Education have partnered to expand the Pharmacists Teach program into the classroom with a no-cost prevention program, Dose of Knowledge. The program strives to empower educators and pharmacists to address substance misuse and educate students to make good decisions for the health and well-being of themselves and their community.

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About Pharmacists Teach

CVS Health created Pharmacists Teach in 2015 to bring pharmacists into the classroom to help educate the public about the challenges surrounding substance misuse. The Pharmacists Teach program has now been expanded to include Dose of Knowledge, a program created in partnership with Discovery Education to provide standards-aligned resources to educators and pharmacists across the U.S. The Pharmacists Teach program strives to reach nearly 2M students by 2023 and to empower students across the country to make healthy choices to prevent the misuse of prescription and illicit drugs.